STIEBEL QuarryMaster®


The compact casing combines the power Stiebel hightech gear with a high-quality IEC motor to form an impressive, long-lasting power unit. The B5 or B14 motors are directly flanged onto the gear casing. The output of the conveyor drive is between 1.1 and 90 kW. Combined with the tried-and-tested gear coupling mounted in an oil bath between the gear and the motor, the conveyor drives are designed for the lower and medium load range. Thanks to their highly compact design they can be used in wide variety of installation situations.

Designed to standup to the very toughest conditions, QuarryMaster® provides impressive performance and optimum stability even under high loads or frequent load changes. this is especially due to high quality detail solutions such as the integrated torque absorption and the oil-lubricated backstops. Thanks to the high variety of hollow shaft types the QuarryMaster® can be flexibly adapted to a wide range of different requirement profiles.

Special gear units - optimal solutions that go beyond the standard
We develop and manufacture custom-made special gear units. Based upon many years of experience and the extensive expertise of our engineers and product managers the implementation times are very short and costs are kept absolutely within the budget. Even small quantity pay off!

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